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Social (In)justice, Trauma, and Mental Health: Implications for Officers of the Court (5-part series)

Several Lorio Forensic consultants have given CLE lectures related to topics including (but not limited to) trauma, adverse childhood experiences, psychological testing, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and culturally and structurally informed approaches to mitigation. Many of our clinicians hold academic appointments and are experienced teachers and trainers. 

Below are two samples from a video lecture series created and presented by Dr. Sarah Y. Vinson, Founder and Principal Consultant at Lorio Forensics and co-editor of Social (In)justice and Mental Health

We understand that service can take many forms and value opportunities to craft and deliver educational content. For speaking engagements, trainings for officers of the court, and other related inquiries, please contact us here.

Module One: Key Terms and Concepts

In this module, Dr. Vinson discusses key concepts and definitions that prove to be fundamental for the remaining videos in this series.

Module Two: The Mental Healthcare System

In the second part of this series, Dr. Vinson explores the many barriers within the mental healthcare system.