Lorio Forensics

Why Lorio Forensics

The best forensic mental health consultants are clinicians with relevant patient care experiences, consultants who approach cases with cultural and structural humility. This core belief drives Lorio Forensics and distinguishes our work. Our multidisciplinary consultants include practicing clinicians with practical experience caring for people of diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, as well as expertise in placing mental health issues in sociocultural context. 


The complexities of mental health demand an approach that is informed by cultural and structural humility. Through appreciation of these issues we’re able to provide the nuanced, holistic expert opinions that your case deserves. We also trust in the power of collaboration. The various perspectives of our multidisciplinary team not only inform our process, but also provide for different price points, thereby increasing accessibility of high-quality forensic mental health consultation to legal teams and clients.


Your case is unique and deserves forensic mental health consultation with expertise that matches the needs of your case, carried out with integrity. There are no hired guns here. The specific facts and pertinent cultural and structural issues of the case guide us in matching you with the right consultant. If none of our consultants is a good fit, we’ll let you know that, too. When a legal team engages our experts, Lorio Forensics will reliably provide excellent services, credibility, and efficiency. 

Our firm is MBE-certified and has been retained for cases in every region of the United States, with multiple repeat clients in civil, criminal, state and federal courts.