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Dr. Vinson Featured In World Psychiatry Journal

An editorial with Dr. Sarah Vinson as a co-writer has been chosen for publication in World Psychiatry, the official journal of the World Psychiatric Association. World Psychiatry is noted as one of the most prestigious psychiatric journals in the entire world and as one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic of equity in mental health, Dr. Vinson’s inclusion in the June 2022 edition of World Psychiatry was only natural.

“Centering Equity in Mental Health Crisis Services,” was co-written with M.L. Goldman. “Unlike the criminal-legal system, the manifestations of racial inequity and structural harms in the mental health care system seldom go viral,” the article notes. Even so, these inequities persist and have real consequences. “Centering Equity in Mental Health Crisis Services” explores these questions, specific to mental health crisis services. How equity is centered, measured and pursued in these contexts is critical. Further, accountability matters as leaders seek to build or enhance mental health crisis services. As we seek to improve these services, more data is needed and resources are critical.

Dr. Vinson continues to push the field of mental health with her applications in the field of forensic mental health and her scholarship; inclusion in World Psychiatry is evidence of the latter. Mental health crisis services are a critical component of our overall approach to caring for mentally ill people, making equity a non-negotiable.

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