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Nicole Jackson, DSW, LCSW

Dr. Jackson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in forensic mental health. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Spelman College in 2008. Jackson then earned a Masters in Social Work from Georgia State University, where she focused on the assessment and treatment of individuals involved in the justice system. During this tenure, Dr. Jackson completed clinical practicums working with capital offenders, children with incarcerated parents, and disadvantaged populations. In 2018, she completed a Doctorate in Social Work from Walden University, concentrating her education and training on criminal justice and clinical practices.

Understanding the challenges of persons involved in the justice system and contributing factors has been a career pursuit for Dr. Jackson. Since completing her education, she has trained and worked in collaboration with legal teams and forensic clinicians, within the federal, state, and juvenile sectors. Dr. Jackson has worked collaboratively and independently to provide consultation and written reports in a range of civil and criminal cases including capital and felony charges, conducted psychosexual evaluations, performed trauma and mitigation assessments, and advisement in family court cases.

In addition to serving as a forensic mental health consultant, Dr. Jackson practices as a behavioral health therapist. In her practice, Dr. Jackson works with children, adolescents, and adults across a diverse set of socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. Her treatment focuses on a range of psychological disturbances and trauma-related diagnoses. Dr. Jackson continues to enhance her involvement in this field through training, community involvement, and written publications.

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