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Alena Aguilar to Speak at Two Conferences

March is social work month and the expert clinicians at Lorio Forensics are doing their part to spread the word. Alena Aguilar, Senior Associate Consultant at Lorio Forensics, will offer her expertise to two national conferences on The Role of Social Determinants of Mental Health in Evaluation and Diagnosis. Mental health is predicated on a myriad of factors, many of which have been ignored for far too long. Indeed, many practitioners in the field and the courts have been slow to properly recognize, incorporate and appreciate the role of social determinants with respect to mental health and the outcomes have real consequences for society at large. Lorio Forensics is proud to announce Ms. Aguilar will offer her unique expertise and insights to the Social Work and Law Symposium’s Mid-Day Empower Webinar on March 20 and the National Organization of Forensic Social Work’s Annual Conference to be held June 24-27 in New Orleans, LA. 

The Social Work and Law Symposium “is an initiative to promote knowledge, skills, and abilities around forensic social work practice including the intersection of social work and law.” The organization seeks to advance the field of forensic social work and the capacity of forensic social work practitioners in collaboration with legal professionals around legal matters and in the context of legal environments. The National Organization of Forensic Social Work seeks to advance social justice through the interprofessional collaboration of human service and legal systems. Both organizations have invited Ms. Aguilar to strengthen and educate its national membership after a competitive submission process. This speaks to the level of skill and expertise indicative of Lorio Forensics consultants. March is Social Work month but the mission is for a lifetime.

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